Background and Interests

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My name is Gerald Franklin. I'm currently utilizing my user experience (UX) and project management skills to help develop software and websites for people with special needs.

My start into UX design began in video games and has expanded since. Through the projects and years, I've remained proactive about testing and accessibility (more on that later).

I tend to wear a lot of hats since I enjoy helping others tackle their problems. It fits nicely with my desired superpower: the power to turn into the persona of the hat I put on (like a chef's hat to become a master chef). That way, I can quickly pick up all the skills I need to help (and do all dream hobbies I don't have a lifetime for).

When I'm not designing games, I'm playing tabletop role-playing games (currently Dungeons and Dragons 5E and Starfinder), or making a motley of art projects and handmade gifts. 

What accessibility means to me (in a nutshell)


Several years ago, I read a magazine showing a boy wielding a tennis racket, despite having no hands and needing a wheelchair. The joy on his face was moving. Here is someone I thought would be outcasted from tennis experiencing the same sport I enjoy. Because tennis was made accessible to him, a bridge was formed between us; an opportunity to share experiences and to get to know each other.