Who is Gerald?

I'm Gerald, a User Experience Designer that firmly believes in two things:

  1. Accessibility design enriches lives, and...
  2. I know nothing. Well, maybe a better way to put is, "You don't know what you don't know".

Accessibility design enriches lives

A little detour: There is something undeniably powerful about shared experiences. When two or more people use and experience the same game, software or other product, a bridge is formed between them that can overcome stereotypes and nervousness. 

When I talk about accessibility, I'm talking about including those with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive difficulties (minor or major). So what happens when anyone with these difficulties can't utilize a product? The color coding makes things hard to distinguish, the text is too vague, or the interface isn't compatible with assistive technology? We lose out on crossing the bridge and meeting each other.

Why accessibility isn't something to be afraid of

You don't know what you don't know

Sometimes great ideas and designs end with a bang. Other times they end with a bang, a boom, and a crash. The cause can be inadequate testing and researching.

So I approach every project with an open mind. Are we meeting an actual need? Let's build a strong foundation by interviewing the users. Are we being novel? Let's see what other smart people have done; let's build upon and learn from them. Let's get everyone on the team thinking about the users and contributing solutions. Let's keep stakeholders properly involved so they can trust us and lend their expertise. Let's get our sketches and prototypes out there so we can stay excited about impacting users and refine the design.

My skills toolset and design process